Brit Dyrnes
Artist and Ceramicist
House of creation living room overview
House of Creation
The Architectural Designer Who Choreographs Atmospheres.
The Story of Varier Furniture:
From Balans Concept to Ergonomic Innovation.
Britannia Hotel
The Story of Britannia Hotel: From British Aristocrats to International Stars.

Building a Business One Stitch at a Time.

Line Lønning, the founder of Pryd, created a brand of...


High Quality Cabins for Everyone

From their location in Mo i Rana, Ranahytta has delivered...

Thomas Tepstad Berge

The Photographer Capturing The Diversity of Rogaland.

Thomas Tepstad Berge is a Norwegian photographer who lives in...

Sigrid Rostad Glass

A Glassblower Who Creates Enduring and Versatile Pieces in Bergen.

Sigrid Rostad creates beautiful, modern designs using the traditional medium...

Aurora Verksted

The Story of Aurora Verksted: A Norwegian Brand That Combines Care, Craft, and Quality.

Aurora Verksted was founded to give people with disabilities care...

Thea Brønlund

From Wildlife Conservation to Wedding Films: How a Photographer Finds Beauty in Imperfection

Thea is a photographer and cinematographer who loves unrefined love...

Brit Dyrnes

The Artist Improving the Position of Crafts in Norwegian society.

Brit Dyrnes is an artist and ceramicist with over 50...

Maja Stabel

Creating Wearable Treasures from Sustainable Materials.

Blending illustration and embroidery, textile art and sustainable fashion, Maja...

Localfolk publish stories of Nordic excellence through the narratives of local businesses and artisans.

High Quality Cabins for Everyone

Hand-made Furniture for Future Generations.

Arctic Tranquillity and Culinary Adventure.

Capturing the Rawness of Nature in Glass

A Taste of Wild Nature

A Lifestyle Brand Born of Music and Community

Interior Design For a More Sustainable World.

A Contemporary Photography Space Run by Artists

Video Series

An interview with designer Julie Wilkinson



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Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke

Event Organiser



Ebbas Matgleder

Food Producer

Sandalen Farm



Food Producer

Snertingdal Ysteri

Food Producer

Stangeland Mølle

Food Producer

Glesvær Kafé og Catering


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